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2018 Officers and Directors

2018 Officers

Commodore: Rich Anderson
Vice Commodore: Meredith Scheck
Rear Commodore: Arthur Adelberg
Fleet Captain: Galen Todd
Treasurer: Jim Grimes
Secretary: Loie Hanscom


Term Expires 2018
Jane Babbitt
David Hague
J.P. Smith

Term Expires 2019
Christine Burstein
Cliff Kline
Bud Woodworth

Term Expires 2020
Alec Brainerd
Ward Graffam
Phil Lewis

Term Expires 2021
Peter Bowen
Johanna Stinson
Jan Taft

Honorary Directors

Penny Abbott
Christopher Beebe
Dick Cease
Scott G. Chrysler
David Gordon
George B. Lawson
Sid Lefavour
Sidney G. Lindsley
John L. Sherman
Peter Van Alstine
Sandy Welte

CYC 2017 Committees

Junior Sailing Program
Chair and CAYSP President: Rebecca Babb-Brott
Director: Sue Conover
Junior Sailing Program Scholarship Committee: Wendy Weiler

Adult Racing and Cruising
Fleet Captain: Arthur Adelberg
Vice Commodore: Meredith Scheck
Cruise Representative: Galen Todd
GMORA Representative: Marc Lorraine
One Design Fleet Representative: Peter Conover
Camden Classic Representative: Tom Kiley
PHRF Representative: Aaron Henderson

House, Grounds, and Docks
Chair: Meredith Scheck

Social Committee
Co-Chairs: Sue Pfau and Denise Pukas

Membership Committee
Chair: Jay Scheck
Interview Coordinator: Shirley O’Keefe

Sunset Seminars
Johanna Stinson

Web Site
Faith Hague