How to Join

Joining Camden Yacht Club

The Camden Yacht Club is proud of its history dating back to 1906 of welcoming all area residents seeking to engage in matters pertaining to boat building, racing and cruising. Membership includes former boat owners and other non-boat owners who join to engage in social life at the club and lectures on sea adventures, boating history and safety and the ecology of the bay and ocean.

Today, our membership includes 60% boat owners and 40% former and other non-boat owners. 

All area residents are welcome to join. To apply, the applicant(s) is sponsored with letters of support by three CYC members who have known the applicant for at least one year. The applicant(s) provide a brief biographical summary along with an application form provided by their sponsor. Upon completion of these three documents, the applicant(s) interview with two Membership Committee members. 

Upon recommendation by the two interviewers, the applicant(s) are then recommended for membership by the entire Membership Committee.  

The club is currently limited to 310 memberships (a single individual or a family).  Thus the applicant(s) will be assigned to a wait list based on their date of application completion until a vacancy occurs. 

We encourage you to talk with a current member friend if you are interested in joining us. We are eager to have new members. 


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