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2021 COVID-19 Policies and Best Practices


Approved by Officers & Directors April 12, 2021 | Last Updated June 17, 2021

Prepared by the CYC-CAYSP Standing Safety Committee

Camden Yacht Club and Camden Area Youth Seamanship program are committed to a safe re-opening of all aspects of operations in 2021. The following policies and best practices were crafted in accordance with the most recent state and federal public health guidance and will be updated as that guidance evolves. While our top priority at CYC and CAYSP is to keep all members, students, staff, and visitors safe on both land and sea, we also recognize that a vibrant club and sailing school must be a place where people can have fun and enjoy the company of their friends and family. The Safety Committee hopes that this COVID-19 safety plan finds the right balance.


Practices for ALL Visitors & Staff

  • MASK REQUIREMENTS Unvaccinated individuals must wear properly fitting cloth face coverings inside club buildings at all times, except when dining.
  • STAY HOME WHEN UNWELL Be familiar with COVID-19 symptoms and stay home if you are experiencing any of them.
  • NOTIFY US OF POSITIVE TESTS If you test positive for COVID-19 after spending time at CYC, please call us right away.
  • OBEY ALL TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS Out-of-state visitors must comply with all state and federal travel rules, including those for international travel.
  • MIND PARKING RULES CYC staff are not permitted to move members’ cars. Members who double park must be ready to move their cars upon request. Only cars with CYC parking stickers may park in the CYC parking lot.


Practices for ALL Visitors & Staff

  • VACCINATE If you are eligible and medically able, please get vaccinated as soon as possible. To schedule a vaccine appointment, CLICK HERE or call 1-888-445-4111.
  • DINE SAFELY Whenever possible, dine outside and keep doors, windows, and foul weather curtains open in dining spaces. The porch is considered indoor space when foul weather curtains are closed. 
  • MEET SAFELY Keep indoor interactions to a minimum and wait outside until offices are clear of visitors.
  • PRACTICE PATIENCE Keeping guests and staff safe may increase the time it takes to serve you. We appreciate your patience!

Additional REQUIRED Practices for CAYSP

  • MASKS OR BUFFS REQUIRED INDOORS In solidarity with students not yet eligible for vaccination, all CAYSP students and staff must wear masks or buffs during indoor class time. Masking is optional outdoors. If students or staff prefer to be masked while sailing, they must use buffs, which are less likely to snag on gear.
  • DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP Driving onto CYC grounds is allowed, but parking in the parking lot during lunch service hours is not.
  • SAILBOAT CAPACITY Unless parents request that two students sail together, only one student per Optimist is permitted. Only two students per 420 are permitted. All sailing pairs must remain consistent for the duration of the course.
  • PODS Students in Scuppers and Beginning Sailing classes will be grouped in small pods that remain together for the duration of the course.

Additional REQUIRED Practices for Weddings & Events

  • REVIEW CDC GUIDELINES Event organizers must regularly review the most recent CDC guidelines for events.
  • INDOOR MASK REQUIREMENTS Tents and the porch are considered indoor space if foul weather curtains are lowered on more than two sides. Unvaccinated individuals must wear masks indoors.
  • GUEST CHECK-IN REQUIRED Invitations or registration are required for all events. Guests must check in upon arrival, which includes providing contact information for their household group. Guest and vendor lists (including contact information) must be shared with CYC staff. Event organizers are responsible for maintaining the guest and vendor contact lists, ensuring that all CYC rules outlined here are followed, and facilitating the removal of any guest or event staff repeatedly or flagrantly violating these rules.
  • SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR BANDS WITH SINGERS OR WIND INSTRUMENTS Singers and musicians with wind instruments are prohibited from performing inside the clubhouse. They may perform outside, on the porch, or under a tent.

Additional RECOMMENDED Practices for Weddings & Events

  • TENT RENTAL RECOMMENDED All events providing seated dining to more than 100 guests should consider renting a tent. If more than 2 sides of the tent are lowered, rules for indoor spaces must be followed. We recommend a 30 X 70 frame tent placed on the southeast side of the clubhouse.
  • BUFFET AND DRINK STATIONS  Buffets and drink stations are safest when food is pre-plated, provided in single serve portions, or served by an attendant. Discourage guests from crowding around food stations or bars.
  • HIGH TOUCH SURFACES Regularly wipe down high touch surfaces and shared items.
  • ASSIGNED SEATING RECOMMENDED Seating household groups together for dining is safest.
  • COMMUNICATE SAFETY Organizers should communicate regularly with guests to inform them of safety expectations and our rules. Encourage guests to get vaccinated before attending the event. 

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