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February 14, 2021 Update: CAYSP has a new Program Director!

We are pleased to announce Eben Kopp as the new CAYSP Program Director!

Eben has a long history with CAYSP and the Rockport Boat Club both as both a student and instructor. He raced 420s at Bowdoin College and completed a transatlantic sail on SSV Corwith Cramer. His certifications include US Small Boat Instructor Level I, II, and III, and Wilderness First Aid and CPR. His non-summer career will continue at the White Mountain School where he is the Acting Director of Student Life, Assistant Dean of Students, Teaching Faculty, Dorm Head, Coach and Advisor.

Eben deeply cares about the program, our community and our students. We are so very pleased to have him at the helm of CAYSP.


January 11, 2021 Update: JOIN OUR TEAM!


CAYSP is busy preparing for another fun-filled summer on the water, and we’re looking for some talented leaders to join us! We have several positions open this year, and encourage all qualified applicants to send a letter of interest and resume to CYC Club Manager Karin Leuthy at



CAYSP’s youth sailing program serves more than 120 young sailors age 6 and up each summer. The Program Director will organize and oversee all aspects of the summer youth sailing and racing program, including Optis, 420s, and other water-based programs. This is a full-time, seasonal, 10-week position from early June through mid-August, with part-time off-season responsibilities. Learn more HERE.



CAYSP is looking for a US Sailing Small Boat Instructors Level 2 or higher with prior teaching and racing experience to teach optimist and 420 racing. Learn more HERE.



CAYSP is looking for one or two instructors to lead fun and engaging adventure-based courses. Help design our new program from the ground up! USCG 6-pack operators license, prior experience working with young children, and other certifications required. Learn more HERE.



January 1, 2021 News



The year 2020 continues to deliver changes and challenges to Camden Yacht Club and CAYSP. It is with sadness that the board of CAYSP recently accepted the resignation of CAYSP Program Director Sue Conover. During her 11-year tenure, Sue defined much of what the program is today and leaves a long line of grateful sailors and their parents. Sue and her team grew CAYSP into a top notch sailing program and provided a generation of sailors with enriching and joyful summer memories. We were particularly impressed with Sue’s ability, under challenging pandemic conditions, to creatively adapt the program and get kids safely out on the water last summer.


In her departure letter, Sue wrote, “I so look forward to seeing those talented young sailors beating to windward, gybing at the reach mark and practicing those capsizes!” We will all miss her, and are enormously grateful for her tremendous dedication and commitment to the mission.


As CAYSP looks towards 2021, the program will continue to adapt to the ever-changing COVID environment. While we are saddened by Sue’s departure, we remain committed to ensuring a successful summer of learning on the water.  “A strong tradition of summer youth sailing training available to children through CAYSP”* is a core tenet of CYC’s mission.


The CAYSP board has begun the process of launching a search for a new program director. Recommendations for potential candidates are welcome, and should be forwarded to CYC Club Manager Karin Leuthy in the CYC office.



CAYSP Board of Directors

Joe Cloutier, Colleen Duggan, Jim Grimes, Sue Pfau, Mark Scheffer, Galen Todd, Todd Williams


*Camden Yacht Club Mission Statement



August 20, 2020 Update

Hello CAYSP Families,

This is my last update of the season.

I want to express my gratitude to you for trusting CAYSP to take care of your scuppers, ocean explorers, and sailors this summer.

The season went very well with huge kudos to each family for preparing PRIOR to drop off. 

To be specific with your part in our success:

• Your kids arrived with a positive spirit and curiosity.
• Your kids arrived with a willingness to go with the flow.
• Your kids arrived with health checks complete and masks on face.
• Your kids arrived with kindness and an interest to spread this to others around them.

Thank you … Thank you … Thank you!

This was very helpful and provided a secure platform for us to deliver a safe, fun, and productive season. Led by a highly skilled, kind and caring instructor team here are a few highlights:

• We had 127 students with us this summer.
• I gave 24 COVID briefings. Role-modeled by the instructors, our students were very willing to follow the guidelines thus we had ZERO issues with masks, sanitizing, and distancing.
• We played games, made new friends, learned the ins and outs of Camden harbor, noticed the wide variety between boat designs, tacked, gybed, paddle boarded, discussed the weather, caught hundreds of crabs and lobsters, capsized, and completed scavenger hunts.

Our time together was time well spent—outside, learning, and having a blast with friends!

I hope to see everyone next summer—and whatever that may bring, we will once again, make the most of it.

My well wishes to all CAYSP families for a safe, healthy, and happy fall.

With the deepest of thanks,


PS Please check out our Instagram and FaceBook pages. You may see someone you know!




July 17, 2020 Update

Programming is going very well.

Instructors and students are arriving with smiles on their faces, curiosity in their souls and a willingness to lean into the hard. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious and a pleasure to be around.

We’re getting a lot of time on the water, receiving solid instruction, playing fun games, learning about our environment and having plenty of opportunity to make new friends and deepen ongoing friendships.

Kudos to families for trusting us and supporting our program. I’m hearing the deep appreciation is a two-way street!

If you have not done so please read and review the Update! COVID-19 & CAYSP page at:

If you have been with us already the following information will be familiar.

If your scupper, sailor or ocean explorer has not yet joined us for the 2020 season expect the following:

COVID-19 Routines and Information – 

CAYSP students are learning and practicing COVID-19 procedures and routines daily. They will be well-tuned up in time for school!

• Eagle Wings: We teach and enforce eagle wing distance from each other whether we are sitting on the bank, moving on the property or on the docks/coach boats.

• Masks: The proper fitting of masks proves to be a critical piece of the COVID puzzle. Please make certain your scupper, sailor or ocean explorer has a mask that does NOT require fiddling with to stay up on their face. This is distracting and cumbersome for them as well as less safe for those around. In addition, finding a mask that is comfortable and easy-on easy-off is best for all of us. We wear masks all of the time with the exception of when sailors are in their own boats sailing and when swimming.

• Cleaning and sanitizing: We are all cleaning and sanitizing hands before departing the property and going onto the dock area. In addition instructors and students are routinely sanitizing equipment after use.

• Communication: As was shared in earlier updates, we were working on a robo-text method for instant communication. We have modified this plan to using email as a primary means of communication. I will communicate through email for the following reasons: 1.) Inclement weather or 2.) COVID related concerns. The email address will come from If the weather is uncooperative and we need to cancel class I will send an email before 8:15 for AM classes, 10:45 for Ocean Explorers and 12:15 for PM classes.

• Gear to bring: Please send your child with a lifejacket, sun protection (sunscreen already applied), water bottle and one extra layer if the weather is cooler. It is unnecessary to bring extra clothing, towels, phones, etc., as there is no inside storage.

• Health checks at home: Please continue to monitor your child PRIOR to coming to CAYSP. We are asking parents/care-givers to take the temperature of your child daily just prior to coming to CAYSP. In addition, a general monitoring of common symptoms for all of the people living in your household is a way to help support the success of our program. If anyone in the program shows COVID-19 symptoms we will ask that person to check in with your physician.

• Traveling into Maine: To those families traveling to Maine and for the safety of and comfort for all CAYSP families:
•  Quarantining – A best practice measure – to help families and support our efforts in keeping families safe we strongly recommend the 14-day quarantine, beginning upon arrival into Maine.
•  Testing in Maine after you have arrived – Less reassuring, but acceptable according to Governor Mills, is a test done in Maine.
•  Testing out of the state and then traveling to Maine – Even less reassuring, but acceptable according to Governor Mills, is a test done in your home state just prior to traveling to Maine.

Here are the guiding principals from Governor Mills for the state of Maine updated July 10, 2020:

Here are the guiding principals from Governor Mills for Day Camps and Summer Recreation Programs updated July 9, 2020:

For more information on CAYSP and COVID 19 procedures please visit:

My last update of the season will be July 31.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Sue Conover at


Policies and Guidelines for Safe Programming

June 26, 2020 Update

Here is what you need to know:

Please review Governor Mills executive orders here:

For information on testing, symptom checking and supporting local health, please visit this link:

For information on the opening of and guidelines for day camps, please visit this link:

Masks (parents and students) should be worn at all times while on the property, with the exception of when students are in their own boats sailing.
Safe distancing is taught, practiced and modeled.
Cleaning and sanitizing is routine.
To those families traveling to Maine and for the safety of and comfort for all CAYSP families:
       • Quarantining—A best practice measure—to help assure families and support our efforts in keeping families safe we recommend the 14-day quarantine, beginning upon arrival in Maine.
       • Testing in Maine after you have arrived—Less reassuring, but acceptable according to Governor Mills, is a test done in Maine. Please refer to the link above.
       • Testing out of state and then traveling to Maine—Less reassuring, but acceptable according to Governor Mills, is a test done in Maine. Please refer to the link above.

If you are being tested we will need the following:
Certificate of Compliance form indicating you have received a negative COVID-19 test result, that you will quarantine in Maine for 14 days, or that you have already completed your quarantine in Maine.

If you need to communicate with me, the best way is to email me at:
If there is an urgent message for me please call (207) 236-7033.

I’m sorry to say that the text messaging is still in the works. This should be ready any day now! If I need to communicate quickly for any reason, a text message will be generated from my computer (number unknown at this point).
Please make certain we have your active cell number. You can email it to:
The two main reasons I may need to contact you are:
• Inclement weather prior to class and/or during class
• COVID-19 concerns

Here is my June 12 update.

You will receive the next update on June 26.

This is the latest from the Governor, announced June 8:

We are still sorting out the testing and quarantine guidelines. 

For example: if you receive a negative COVID-19 result in your state and then travel by airplane or car (and stop along the way) will you then have to quarantine in Maine?

It makes the most sense to be tested in Maine after you travel and this is what we are leaning towards recommending. 

Regarding testing in Maine, also announced on June 8:

Due to COVID-19, here are our local operating procedures, SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Parents, we will need your help and support to keep us all safe and happy.

1.) Health Checks
• Please do regular health checks (temperature checks) with your kids DAILY and just prior to coming to CAYSP.

2.) Drop Off and Pick Up Street Address:
• 68 Bayview Street, Camden

3.) Drop Off
• Do not drive into the yacht club property / driveway.
• Be prepared to line cars up on Bayview Street heading towards town (down the hill) and wait in your car until you reach the drop-off point.
• We are trying to avoid having the kids cross the street.
• The instructors and I will be ready and waiting at the top of the hill.

4.) Tender Loving Care
If you feel you need a few minutes with your child, please park off-site and walk to the property. I suggest parking on Chestnut street. I will ask that, once everyone is here, parents gracefully exit the property.

5.) Please Prepare Your Child by Doing the Following:
• Encourage early bedtime.
• Hydrate starting the day before.
• Wear a comfortable mask—masks will be worn at all times unless we are spread out in boats 6 feet from each other.
• Comfortable and sized lifejacket (see weight limits).
• Sunscreen applied before arriving.
• Gear to protect from the sun—sun hat, loose clothes, one warm layer if on the cooler side, bathing suit (swimming is always optional) if on the warmer side.
• Water bottle.
• Closed-toe shoes.

6.) Pick Up
• Please be prompt—we need to vacate the property at 11:30 and 4:00 as we are restricted by the total number of people on the property.
• If you have kids walking home, please connect with me to make an exit plan.
Your little people will be tired and hungry after time on the water. Having a cold drink, a snack and dry clothes will be a welcomed surprise!

7.) Communication
• I will be sharing a cell number with you to reach me directly.
This number is still To Be Determined and I will get it to you as soon as I have it.
This phone will be used for immediate text messaging between Sue Conover, Program Director and all families sailing on that given week.
I will be setting up a text messaging system so if we need to vacate the property quickly you will be notified via a text. This could occur due to inclement weather, COVID or other.
• Remember we will not be going inside any buildings.
I will need your active cell phone. Please make certain Elaine has your current number. 236-7033 or
You can always call the main office at 236-7033 and leave a message.
You can always email me at

I am very excited to be working with your precious children and our talented and loving instructor team.

As is the case each and every year, we will be driven by safety measures—and this year we are operating with the addition of COVID-19. Safety on the water may mean that we need to change activities from the sea to the land—for example: if it is sunny skies BUT too windy to keep the young ones from feeling safe we may not sail but visit Curtis Island or go crabbing instead.

Our CAYSP guiding cornerstones in order are:
1. Safety
2. Friends and Fun (community building)
3. Learning about Boats and the Marine Environment 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns:

June 1 Update:
CAYSP Program Director, Sue Conover, will be updating this on June 12.
 Please email with any concerns or questions.
 We are moving forward with a commitment to adherence of Governor Mills’ Phase 2: Day Camps and Summer Recreation Programs, Released: May 20, 2020
the CDC
 and the Camden Yacht Club
All information shared below is subject to change.

CAYSP will be adhering to Governor Mills Phase 2, released on May 20, 2020

1.) Healthy Hygiene
We will follow the CDC and Governor Mills’ recommendations:
Regular hand washing will be taught and practiced.
Daily sanitizing of equipment with at least 60% alcohol.
The use of face masks when within a 6-foot space and in any shared space (docks, ramps, coach boats).

2.) High Risk Populations
As the CDC states:
CAYSP will work with parents/primary care providers to determine risk factors of identified students.
CAYSP will follow CDC requirements to determine our ability to care for high-risk and vulnerable students while with us.

3.) Ensure Social Distancing
Students will be in the same pods of 3-4 for the duration of their stay with us.
Mixing within groups will be discouraged.
Physical distancing will be taught and practiced. If 6-foot distancing is not possible, face masks will be used.
Our gatherings will be limited to the numbers that ensure social distancing (6-foot distancing).
Use of communal spaces will be staggered.
There will be no eating on the property.
Arrival and drop-off will be orderly and prompt.
Detailed instructions regarding arrival and drop-off will be shared with you prior to your child’s class via email.
Classes will be cancelled if there is inclement weather.

4.) Limit Sharing
Personal belongings should be kept to a minimum.
There will be NO indoor storage or gathering at all.
Students will sail in the same boat daily.

5.) Intensify Cleaning, Disinfection and Ventilation
CDC cleaning guidelines include:
Cleaning and disinfecting will occur twice daily by students and instructors.
Processes for using bathrooms that encourage social distancing will be taught.
Safe and correct application of disinfectants will be taught. Supplies will be kept in safe spots away from sailors.

6.) Training of CAYSP Staff
All CAYSP working staff will be briefed on CDC and Governor Mills guidelines to ensure safe practices.

7.) Monitoring and Preparing
Check for signs and symptoms prior to coming to CAYSP.
Program Director will monitor on-site. Privacy and confidentiality must be maintained.
Staff will be required to stay home if they are sick.
Parents are required to keep sick students home.

8.) Plan for When Staff or Student Becomes Sick
Staff family member will be notified immediately to come pick up.
Parents will be notified immediately to come pick up child.

9.) Maintain healthy operations
Flexibility will be supported.
Absentee list will be maintained.
Program Director is responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns.

10.) Closing
CAYSP will follow CDC guidelines.

11.) Camp Activities
CAYSP will offer activities that are low-risk based on contact intensity, duration and number of participants.


Preparation of Students and Families Before Arrival

Parents/caregiver please check child for symptoms each day prior to sending to CAYSP.

Health self-check:

1. Do I feel unwell today?

2. Do I have a cough or sore throat?

3. Do I have a fever or do I feel feverish?

4. Do I or have I had shortness of breath?

5. Do or have I had a loss of taste or smell?

6. Do or have I been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?

7. Do or have I been living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

8. Have I been out of state in the last 14 days?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, please stay home.
CAYSP will create a communication system for families for self-reporting of symptoms and notification of exposures and class cancellations.



CAYSP trusts that you will comply by the 14-day quarantine upon entering Maine as per Governor Mills, Your decision to comply is a critical link in our ability to support the well-being of all CAYSP families and staff while programming with us.


CAYSP Environmental Considerations

We are committed to providing as SAFE an environment as we possibly can by adhering to the following:

• Instructors will wear masks on land, when in coach boats and on docks with students.

• In settings where physical distancing is not possible, campers should wear face coverings when practicable and age, activity, and developmentally appropriate. See the American Academy of Pediatrics website for more information.

• CYC (the Camden Yacht Club) will provide sanitizing stations for CAYSP staff and students.

• Your child will NOT be inside the CAYSP  building at all—if we have inclement weather, class will be cancelled. More details will follow regarding communication system.

• Students should be dressed with appropriate gear including lifejacket, sunscreen, clothes for on the water activities, water bottle.

• We may NOT drive any cars into the yacht club for drop off/pick up.

• All students will be greeted at the top of the driveway by their instructor. Specific directions on traffic patterns to make this easiest for everyone will be coming soon.

• Your child will be in and stay with the same small group of 4 or less students and one US Sailing Level 1 instructor—5 maximum.

• Your child will be in a boat by themselves, unless they have quarantined together.

• Instructors will sanitize all coach boats pre- and post-use.

• All gear used or touched by students will be sanitized at the end of class by students and instructors.


Social Distancing

Movement across the property, along the dock area and into and out of coach boats will be taught by CAYSP instructors and practiced in pods.

Maintaining 6-foot distancing in all directions is mandated by Governor Mills and the CDC.

Use of bathrooms is limited to 1 child at a time.

Inside time is not part of programming due to COVID-19.


Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Everyone will wash/sanitize hands when entering and exiting the program site.

Students will be taught how to clean and sanitize equipment at the end of class. This will occur daily and be a part of student responsibility. Students will be provided with gloves.

CYC will provide sanitizer as per CDC standards,



During programming, on or off the water, direct communication via cell phone from CAYSP instructor to program director (Sue Conover) with COVID-19 and other safety concerns is expected.

As per routine and guidelines from the US Coast Guard, VHF radios are used for non-emergency communication between instructors as well as with the CAYSP program director at all times during classes.

If there is a safety concern, parents will be notified by phone as soon as possible.

The on-site phone number at CYC is (207) 236-7033.


Program Changes

All CAYSP special events are cancelled for this summer including the July 4th parade, the mid-summer dance, and awards night.


Class additions:

1. Beginning Sailing and Solo Sailing hours: 9:00–11:30. The price has been changed to reflect 1/2 hour less of programming.

2. 420 Classes and Expedition Sailing Class—Students in these classes will have needed to quarantine with sailing partners.

3. We have added 2 Ocean Explorers sessions—please spread the word!


Thank you for your understanding that all of our programming and the details shared here are subject to change. If the program can not move forward you will get a 100% refund.


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