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The CAYSP staff and I are very excited and working hard to provide a safe, fun and memorable summer experience for your kids.


Policies and Guidelines for Safe Programming

June 1 Update:
CAYSP Program Director, Sue Conover, will be updating this on June 12.
 Please email with any concerns or questions.
 We are moving forward with a commitment to adherence of Governor Mills’ Phase 2: Day Camps and Summer Recreation Programs, Released: May 20, 2020
the CDC
 and the Camden Yacht Club
All information shared below is subject to change.

CAYSP will be adhering to Governor Mills Phase 2, released on May 20, 2020

1.) Healthy Hygiene
We will follow the CDC and Governor Mills’ recommendations:
Regular hand washing will be taught and practiced.
Daily sanitizing of equipment with at least 60% alcohol.
The use of face masks when within a 6-foot space and in any shared space (docks, ramps, coach boats).

2.) High Risk Populations
As the CDC states:
CAYSP will work with parents/primary care providers to determine risk factors of identified students.
CAYSP will follow CDC requirements to determine our ability to care for high-risk and vulnerable students while with us.

3.) Ensure Social Distancing
Students will be in the same pods of 3-4 for the duration of their stay with us.
Mixing within groups will be discouraged.
Physical distancing will be taught and practiced. If 6-foot distancing is not possible, face masks will be used.
Our gatherings will be limited to the numbers that ensure social distancing (6-foot distancing).
Use of communal spaces will be staggered.
There will be no eating on the property.
Arrival and drop-off will be orderly and prompt.
Detailed instructions regarding arrival and drop-off will be shared with you prior to your child’s class via email.
Classes will be cancelled if there is inclement weather.

4.) Limit Sharing
Personal belongings should be kept to a minimum.
There will be NO indoor storage or gathering at all.
Students will sail in the same boat daily.

5.) Intensify Cleaning, Disinfection and Ventilation
CDC cleaning guidelines include:
Cleaning and disinfecting will occur twice daily by students and instructors.
Processes for using bathrooms that encourage social distancing will be taught.
Safe and correct application of disinfectants will be taught. Supplies will be kept in safe spots away from sailors.

6.) Training of CAYSP Staff
All CAYSP working staff will be briefed on CDC and Governor Mills guidelines to ensure safe practices.

7.) Monitoring and Preparing
Check for signs and symptoms prior to coming to CAYSP.
Program Director will monitor on-site. Privacy and confidentiality must be maintained.
Staff will be required to stay home if they are sick.
Parents are required to keep sick students home.

8.) Plan for When Staff or Student Becomes Sick
Staff family member will be notified immediately to come pick up.
Parents will be notified immediately to come pick up child.

9.) Maintain healthy operations
Flexibility will be supported.
Absentee list will be maintained.
Program Director is responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns.

10.) Closing
CAYSP will follow CDC guidelines.

11.) Camp Activities
CAYSP will offer activities that are low-risk based on contact intensity, duration and number of participants.


Preparation of Students and Families Before Arrival

Parents/caregiver please check child for symptoms each day prior to sending to CAYSP.

Health self-check:

1. Do I feel unwell today?

2. Do I have a cough or sore throat?

3. Do I have a fever or do I feel feverish?

4. Do I or have I had shortness of breath?

5. Do or have I had a loss of taste or smell?

6. Do or have I been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?

7. Do or have I been living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

8. Have I been out of state in the last 14 days?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, please stay home.
CAYSP will create a communication system for families for self-reporting of symptoms and notification of exposures and class cancellations.



CAYSP trusts that you will comply by the 14-day quarantine upon entering Maine as per Governor Mills, Your decision to comply is a critical link in our ability to support the well-being of all CAYSP families and staff while programming with us.


CAYSP Environmental Considerations

We are committed to providing as SAFE an environment as we possibly can by adhering to the following:

• Instructors will wear masks on land, when in coach boats and on docks with students.

• In settings where physical distancing is not possible, campers should wear face coverings when practicable and age, activity, and developmentally appropriate. See the American Academy of Pediatrics website for more information.

• CYC (the Camden Yacht Club) will provide sanitizing stations for CAYSP staff and students.

• Your child will NOT be inside the CAYSP  building at all—if we have inclement weather, class will be cancelled. More details will follow regarding communication system.

• Students should be dressed with appropriate gear including lifejacket, sunscreen, clothes for on the water activities, water bottle.

• We may NOT drive any cars into the yacht club for drop off/pick up.

• All students will be greeted at the top of the driveway by their instructor. Specific directions on traffic patterns to make this easiest for everyone will be coming soon.

• Your child will be in and stay with the same small group of 4 or less students and one US Sailing Level 1 instructor—5 maximum.

• Your child will be in a boat by themselves, unless they have quarantined together.

• Instructors will sanitize all coach boats pre- and post-use.

• All gear used or touched by students will be sanitized at the end of class by students and instructors.


Social Distancing

Movement across the property, along the dock area and into and out of coach boats will be taught by CAYSP instructors and practiced in pods.

Maintaining 6-foot distancing in all directions is mandated by Governor Mills and the CDC.

Use of bathrooms is limited to 1 child at a time.

Inside time is not part of programming due to COVID-19.


Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Everyone will wash/sanitize hands when entering and exiting the program site.

Students will be taught how to clean and sanitize equipment at the end of class. This will occur daily and be a part of student responsibility. Students will be provided with gloves.

CYC will provide sanitizer as per CDC standards,



During programming, on or off the water, direct communication via cell phone from CAYSP instructor to program director (Sue Conover) with COVID-19 and other safety concerns is expected.

As per routine and guidelines from the US Coast Guard, VHF radios are used for non-emergency communication between instructors as well as with the CAYSP program director at all times during classes.

If there is a safety concern, parents will be notified by phone as soon as possible.

The on-site phone number at CYC is (207) 236-7033.


Program Changes

All CAYSP special events are cancelled for this summer including the July 4th parade, the mid-summer dance, and awards night.


Class additions:

1. Beginning Sailing and Solo Sailing hours: 9:00–11:30. The price has been changed to reflect 1/2 hour less of programming.

2. 420 Classes and Expedition Sailing Class—Students in these classes will have needed to quarantine with sailing partners.

3. We have added 2 Ocean Explorers sessions—please spread the word!


Thank you for your understanding that all of our programming and the details shared here are subject to change. If the program can not move forward you will get a 100% refund.