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King of Spain Series
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King of Spain Series

The 2018 King of Spain series will consist of two pursuit races designed to last about two hours for the average boat. If either race is cancelled or abandoned, a make up race will be scheduled. This race series is restricted to CYC club member skippers and their boats. There are no restrictions on crew members.

The King of Spain Trophy is an impressive large silver cup, donated in memory of former CYC Regatta Committee Chairman, Dudley Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe had been presented the trophy by Alphonse, King of Spain, for his 2nd place finish in the 1928 Transatlantic Race to Santander, Spain. Dudley Wolfe’s sister, Mrs. Hind of the Clifford (Smith) Wolfe family, donated the cup to Camden Yacht Club and designated that it be used as a perpetual award and, as such, a two-race series is held every summer for CYC member PHRF boats. The yacht club started racing for this trophy in 2001. It is open to all members’ boats and is raced under PHRF rules, sportsmanship, and good will.

Dudley Wolfe was a member of the tragic 1939 American expedition, which attempted to make the first ascent of the world’s second-highest peak, K2, in the Himalayas. Mr. Wolfe died in that attempt on K2 in what was a controversial situation, as he was not an experienced climber, and his body was recovered only recently. In 2002, Dudley Wolfe’s remains were found by Jennifer Jordan and Jeff Rhoads who were on K2 producing a documentary The Women of K2. Jennifer Jordan is a friend of CYC member and former fleet captain, Tom Kiley.


Past winners:

2017 – Mark Scheffer on Legacy

2016 – Tom Babbitt on Bravo

2015 – Galen and Susan Todd on Caliente

2014 – Lee Scheuer / Bob Bowden on Simon

2013 – Paul Rogers on Canty

2012 – Tom Kiley & Ry Hills on Snow Star

2011 – Tom Kiley & Ry Hills on Snow Star

2010 – Tom Babbitt on Bravo

2009 – Tom Babbitt on Bravo

2007 – Jack Deupree on Samadhi

2006 – Tom Babbitt on Bravo

2005 – Tom Kiley / Ry Hills on Snow Star

2004 – Bill Pattison on Pegasus

2003 – Paul Rogers on Canty

2002 – Bill Pattison on Pegasus

2001 – Paul Rogers on Canty

For more information, contact CYC PHRF Rep Tom Babbitt at