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The Awards

The Awards


The Camden Class Trophy was given to the club in 2004 by Tom Kiley and Ry Hills. The trophy is given in recognition of that individual (or individuals) who have taken the Camden Yacht Club burgee the farthest. This “distance” can be defined either by nautical miles or by sailing achievement. The trophy is meant to recognize those who have achieved a level of sailing beyond what is locally available and cannot be won by sailing in home waters alone. As a cruising sailor, the individual(s) will have traveled great distances, experienced foreign ports and peoples, and graciously represented the Camden Yacht Club. As a racing sailor, the individual(s) will have been successful in representing the Camden Yacht Club in regional and national regattas, maintaining a high level of sportsmanship and good will.

2004 – Brydon Mitchell, James Landi
2005 – Paul & Marty Rogers
2006 – Peter Edwards, Richard Schotte, Andrew Wakeman
2007 – Doug & Dale Bruce
2008 – Jack McGuire
2009 – Lydia Morin
2011 – Patrick Jones
2013 – Aaron Henderson family
2014 – Paul & Marty Rogers
2015 – Paul & Marty Rogers
2016 – Tom & Jane Babbitt
2017 – Philip & Lorraine Streat
2018 – Dennis Moonan & Pam MacBrayne; Tom Babbitt & Galen Todd; Philip & Lorraine Streat
2019 – Dennis Moonan & Pam MacBrayne; Paul & Marty Rogers
2020 – Dennis Moonan & Pam MacBrayne
2020 – Johanna Stinson


The Codger Cup was started in 1995 by Ann Sziklas. This race was originally created for older members of CYC as an informal one-design race using the Turnabouts, and racing only when the weather was fair. In some years, a series of races were held; other years hosted one or two races throughout the whole season. The racer with the most accumulated points won the cup, and just by showing up one would receive the benefit of gaining a few extra points. Ann Sziklas still holds the baton in launching this race from year-to-year. The Codger Cup is now sailed in the Mercury’s. The ages of participants range from the old Codgers to families with young children. The schedule is flexible and the courses are set by a race committee. If the wind dies or changes direction, the course may be changed mid-race. The goal is to hold one race in July and one race in August. If you are interested, please watch for more information on the CYC bulletin board, or via e-mail, or see Ann or the CAYSP Program Director.

Sandy Welte
Ann Sziklas
Bob Widen
Ry Hills
Charlie Chamberlain
Bill Pattison
Rob Eddy
Peter & Will Edwards
Peter & Charlie Conover
Bob Reed
Arthur Adelberg & David Sprafkin
Doug & Dale Bruce


The Georgia Lawson Memorial Award was presented to the yacht club by Dr. George Lawson, a long time member and twice Past Commodore, in honor of his wife. The award is presented to a member in recognition of outstanding volunteerism in service to the club. The recipient can not be a member of the Board of Directors. The Officers and Directors vote on the recipient. The award is presented at the annual meeting.

1997 – Fred Clemens
1998 – Jon & Mary Davis
1999 – Susan Forster
2001 – Ann Sziklas
2004 – John Fitzgerald
2005 – Stephen J. Byrus
2006 – Scott Chrysler
2007 – Jim Grimes
2008 – Jim Bowditch
2009 – Jim Lewis
2011 – Ann Sziklas
2013 – Ann Pattison
2015 – Maryann Kline
2016 – Johanna Stinson
2017 – Sue Pfau and Denise Pukas
2018 – Doug & Dale Bruce & Susan Todd
2019 – Lorraine Streat


This trophy was donated to the yacht club by the Clifford (Smith) Wolfe family. It was awarded to Wolfe’s relatives by the King of Spain in recognition of his winning a race. The trophy is a huge silver piece located in the yacht club office. The yacht club started racing for this trophy in 2001. It is open to all members’ boats and is raced under PHRF rules, sportsmanship and good will.

2001 – Paul Rogers, on Canty
2002 – Bill Pattison, on Pegasus
2003 – Paul Rogers, on Canty
2004 – Bill Pattison, on Pegasus
2005 – Tom Kiley & Ry Hills, on Snow Star
2006 – Tom Babbitt, on Bravo
2007 – Jack Deupree, on Samadhi
2009 – Tom Babbitt, on Bravo
2010 – Tom Babbitt, on Bravo
2011 – Tom Kiley & Ry Hills, on Snow Star
2012 – Tom Kiley & Ry Hills, on Snow Star
2013 – Paul Rogers, on Canty
2014 – Lee Scheuer / Bob Bowden, on Simon
2015 – Galen & Susan Todd, on Caliente
2016 – Tom Babbitt, on Bravo
2017 – Mark Scheffer, on Legacy
2018 Tom Kiley & Ry Hills, on Snow Star
2019Galen Todd & sons, on Tango
2020 – Paul Rogers, on Canty


The Mercury Series started in 2010 with the intention of opening the use of our boats and the harbor to more people. Last summer this was a very popular series, with most weeks bringing all six boats on the starting line. Members and families of those who have sailors in the CAYSP program are invited to sign up for this series. It runs for 6 weeks, once a week starting at 5:00. There are two or three races with the support of a race committee. This is a great way to get out on the water with other boats, build community and have some fun in our harbor. To sign up, watch the bulletin board or see the CAYSP Program Director.

2010 – Aaron Henderson
2011 – Sam Zwecker
2012 – Ian & Aaron Henderson
2013 – Todd Williams family & Sasha Worms
2014 – Jen Conover & Ethan Andrus
2015 – Ian & Aaron Henderson
2016 – Aaron & Julian Henderson & Mabel Glick


The William G. Pattison Award was presented to the club in 2011 by the Pattison family. The trophy is awarded to any member(s) of the Camden Yacht Club who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in planning and executing an extended cruise. The award is to recognize those who have made a commitment to furthering members’ sailing horizons beyond our local waters. The Officers and the Board of Directors will elect the recipient. The award will be presented at annual meeting. It does not have to be awarded annually but only when there is a member who fulfills the requirements. In the event that there are no candidates, the trophy should be retired until such time as there is.

2011 – Aaron Henderson
2013 – John Sherman
2014 – Mark & Louisa Van Baalen
2015 – Galen & Susan Todd
2016 – Galen Todd
2018 – Mark & Louisa Van Baalen
2019 – Mark & Louisa Van Baalen


This award was established in 1998 by Henry A. Scheel (1911–1993),
officer, director, and member. It recognizes those members who
have completed a transoceanic passage.

Elliot Conover family, on Eendracht
Peter Schein & daughter, on Christal
Brian Smullen, on Cuilaun
Robert Furman family, on Lenity
Curtis Bok, on Alphad
Nancy Hutchinson, on Agisymba
C. Lawson Reed family, on Zimba
P. Exton Guckes, on Malabar II
Paul & Marty Rogers, on Canty
Cam Lewis, on Primagaz
Bob Grant, on Ursa
Tom Kiley & Ry Hills, on Snow Star