Parking at the Camden Yacht Club

Parking Rules at CYC

1. Parking at CYC is for members only.  Members must have a parking sticker to park at CYC.  

Please contact the Club Manager or the Club Social Steward to receive a parking sticker if you do not have one.  This is important to ensure our members have access to parking at our Club by identifying non-member cars for possible towing. 

Please inform your guests to park offsite or ride with you.  There is ample parking on Chestnut St, Wilson Ave, and Bay Road.  

2. If you wish to leave your car overnight while sailing there is public overnight parking on Bay Road abutting the club property, with room for 5 or 6 cars.  Please use this as your first choice.  On a case-by-case basis (depending on the CYC schedule and expected demand for parking), members can ask the Club Manager or the Club Social Steward if there is room for short-term overnight parking.  If there is room, members must park where they are asked to by the Club Manager or Club Social Steward and they must leave their keys in case the vehicle needs to be moved.

3. Handicapped passengers can be driven right up to the portico in front of the Club to be dropped off before their drivers go to park. Any handicapped member that has concerns or who requests assistance should contact the Club Manager or Club Social Steward before their arrival and staff can assist with valet parking if required.

4. Parking “3 deep” in front of the dock house is allowed during peak demand times (lunchtime and during busy social events) and CYC staff will assist in moving cars.  Cars that have “parked in” other cars MUST leave the car unlocked and the keys in the car.  If members do not wish to have staff move their car, they cannot park in these spots and must park elsewhere. 

5. Compact cars ONLY can park on the right-hand side of the driveway.  Cars must park as close to the grass as possible to allow for the passage of traffic beside them up and down the driveway.  

Please use this option as a last resort, when other parking is full. 

6. CAYSP students’ drivers will not come into the CYC parking lot.  CAYSP students will be dropped off and picked up in the designated drop-off area of the Club on Bay View St, which will be right above the CYC office.  CAYSP staff will be there to greet and monitor student drop off and pick up.  Only CYC stickered members with CAYSP students can park at CYC. CAYSP parents are welcome to park in the neighborhood and walk down to CAYSP, but non-CYC member vehicles are not allowed to park on the premises. 

7. The possible exception to all these rules: when the Club facility is in use or rented for an outside, non-CYC event (such as a wedding), the attendees of the rental or event may possibly be able to park on-site, depending on instruction from CYC management.



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